Note: These are links to external websites.

TADS Resources

TADS 3 Website

(Includes Binaries, Source, and Reference Manuals)

TADS 2 Website

(Includes Binaries, Source, and Reference Manuals)

Eric Eve's TADS Adv3Lite Website

(Includes links to Library Source and Reference Manuals)

TADS Cookbook by Jim Nelson

IF Archive - TADS 3 Section

IF Archive - TADS 2 Section

TADS Wiki on Github

TADS 2 - Supplemental Information

IF Wiki - Competition Page

ElseIfPlayer - Online TADS Interpreter

Please note: The ElseIfPlayer onlne app was developed by He4eT. His work in developing ElseIfPlayer and making it available for use has solved one of the major hurdles to using the TADS development system and making the games available for online play. Many Thanks!

Parchment online interpreter now supports TADS IF.

Zilf Resources

What is Zil Anyway? Zarf Essay

Zilf - Getting Started

Adam's ZIL / ZILF Video Tutorial Series

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