Welcome to the Winter TADS / Zilf Jam 2023

An annual IF/Text Adventure competition with a focus on TADS and Zilf (parser) games. Graphics and audio are allowed, clickable words are allowed, but the core method of control should be a keyboard (or voice if it supports play for those for whom keyboard entry is difficult).


The Text Adventure Development System (TADS) and Zilf are mature systems for writing text based Interactive Fiction (IF). Adv3 is a detailed “world” environment that can be used to develop very rich and immersive IF games. Adv3Lite is also a very rich “world” environment developed by Eric Eve that is more “author friendly”. It is not just a stripped down version of the Adv3 library. It contains many features similar to those in Inform 7 such as regions and tools to help with non-player character (NPC) conversations and interaction.

TADS has a reputation that it is difficult to learn. As with any programming language, it requires study and practice. The primary intent of TADS / ZilfJam is to showcase new IF developed with TADS / Zilf and to encourage new authors to learn this feature rich language.

Preferred local TADS Jam Discussion Forum. The discussion threads are maintained and easy to follow.

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